Svf is situated on the western heights of Jönköping, with the city center within walking distance. Jönköping has more than 144 000 inhabitants and is the 10th largest municipality in Sweden. The most important sectors of work are found in public administration, care and medical service, trade and commerce, logistics and transportation and production. The leading producing companies are Electrolux (with the brand name Husqvarna), Fläkt Woods, Saab, VSM Group (with the brand name Viking sewing machine), Stora Enso Packaging, IKEA and Kinnarps (office furniture).

Some important years:

  • 1284 King Magnus gives the inhabitants around a Franciscan monastery the privilege to arrange two markets a year, in essence founding the city of Jönköping.
  • 1473 The citizens of Jönköping are given the right to arrange a city market every Saturday, and they still do so today at Västra Torget (the West Square).
  • 1620 King Gustavus II Adolphus gives the order to start production of weapons and armour in Jönköping, and the production is moved to Huskvarna in 1689.
  • 1634 The court of appeal, Göta Hovrätt, is established in Jönköping.
  • 1652 The city of Gränna is founded.
  • 1785, 1790 Jönköping is hit by great fires.
  • 1822 The first part of a canal (Göta Kanal) that connects lake Vättern with open sea is opened.
  • 1845 The Lundström brothers set up production of matches, later known worldwide as Safety Matches, Made in Sweden.
  • 1864 The railroad is opened.
  • 1902 The City Park is inaugurated.
  • 1905 Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary General of the United Nations 1953-1961, is born in Jönköping.
  • 1911 The city of Huskvarna is founded.
  • 1919 Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola is established and moves to its present location in 1930.
  • 1971 The present municipality of Jönköping is founded through a merge of Jönköping, Huskvarna, Gränna and another eight municipalities.
  • 1977 Jönköping University is established

Presentation of Jönköping

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