Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola (Svf) is a folk high school in Jönköping, Sweden and it is one of 150 schools for adult education known as ”folkhögskola”. This is a form of adult education, called ”folkbildning”, that is typical for Scandinavia, more information about the folk high schools is to be found at folkhogskola.nu.

The mission of schools like Svf is to offer education in numerous subjects, formal or non-formal studies, based on the patrtcipants’ needs and interests.

Participation is elective and the education free from government influence, even though a major part of the turnover consists of government grants. Like the majority of these schools, Svf is owned by an organisation, in this case the Uniting Church in Sweden.

Svf was founded in 1919 and moved to its present premises on the western heights of Jönköping in 1930. The campus offers a fantastic view over the city and lake Vättern. Modern structures provide room for 300 students, including dormitories, which can house 130 students. Facilities include a fine library, studios for photography, radio and TV, computer labs, a chapel and a sports center.

The school is also a conference site with a great number of guests every year. The campus next to the City Park offers beautiful walking paths and natural surroundings. In the park there are animals, a café, an open-air and bird museum. A walk downtown takes about 25 minutes and a couple of times per hour there are buses to the city center.

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